A hydride-based technology with unique properties in organic synthesis and a variety of other processes.

VENPURE offers a distinct set of product forms that facilitate worry-free integration into products and processes, enabling our partners to select the grade that best meets their needs.

VENPURE Applications

Chemical Synthesis

Reduces aldehydes, ketones, acid chlorides, anhydrides and used in synthesis of vitamins and more.


  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Fine Chemicals
  • - Agrochemicals
  • - Nutraceuticals
Process Enhancement
Corrosion Protection

Pacifies metals by creating a highly corrosion resistant surface during operations.


  • - ChlorAlkali
Red Oil Control

Carbonyl scavenger which inhibits formation of red oil polymer in ethylene cracking plants reducing foaming and fouling.


  • - Petrochemicals
Product Enhancement
Color Control

Eliminates color generating byproducts in esters, epoxy resins, fatty & ethanol amines, alcohols and more prone to develop oxidized impurities.


  • - Petrochemicals

Efficient removal of unwanted byproducts such as carbonyls from product streams such as Ethanol, Sorbitol and more to meet quality requirements.


  • - Natural Products
B-Building Block

Primary reagent in the synthesis of higher order boron materials such as THF-BH3, Dimethyl Aminoborane and Morpholine Borane.


  • - Electronic Materials

The benefits of VENPURE


VENPURE optimizes treatment protocol and comes in a variety of forms from liquid and powder to granules and exclusively offered by Ascensus in caplets as well.

Simple to Handle

Meticulous focus on our partners processes and products ensures seamless integration into production environment including simple handling and work-up.

Cost Effective

With a molecular weight of ~10g per hydride equivalent this creates a low and cost-efficient dosage allowing you to solve even more everyday problems.

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