Dramatic and efficient reduction in the metal content of products and effluent streams.

VENMET is especially suited for the removal of copper or nickel from waste plating solutions, resulting in metal content some 5 to 20 times higher than most other sludges.

VENMET Applications

Process Enhancement
Effluent Treatment

Treatment of wastewater to reduce Ni, Co, Cu prior to discharge.


  • - Electronic Materials
  • - Mining
Yield Improvement

Metal recovery of precious metals for reuse in the mining of Pt, Rh, Ru, Au, Ag, Pd, etc.


  • - Electronic Materials
  • - Mining

The benefits of VENMET

Highly Effective

Works on a wide range of metals to reduce sludge volume by as much as 95%.


VENMET easily adapts to existing systems, including batch or continuous flow.

Cost Effective

Less sludge means less liability, and lower hazardous waste disposal costs.

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