A hydride-based technology for deinking recycled pulp.

CHROMACLEAR offers superior performance for the color stripping of recycled, "woodfree" or other color containing furnishes, while providing significant reduction in total treatment costs.

CHROMACLEAR Applications

Color Improvement

Superior color stripping or de-inking provides up to 12 ISO points of brightness improvement.


  • - Recycled Pulp
Product Enhancement
Color Control

All liquid system that delivers 2-6 points of improvement in brightness for minerals.


  • - Minerals

The benefits of CHROMACLEAR

Superior Performance

Improved brightness and whiteness levels of customer end products.

Operational Improvements

Automated, all-liquid system and seamless integration with other recycle bleaching technologies.

Enhanced Safety

Easier to manage stable liquids eliminating the need for exposure and handling of hazardous powders.

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